Community Agriculture 

If you turn on the television or local news station it will have you re-thinking anything community oriented. Especially, with meeting new people. However, with inflation and commodities like food it is more important than ever to know your neighbor. That is because whether or not you like to admit it, we are all better & worse at things than each other. Somebody may find the things you hate a joy. So what am I talking about? I’m talking about community gardening. That’s right! Many of us take for granted that we could actually eat for “free”. Imagine a world that had community gardens every neighborhood & there was an abundance of food so nobody needed to steal for a lack of hunger. Would this eliminate jobs? No quite the opposite. You see we would still need transportation & distribution because of seasonal growing. However, it would be done on a local level. Think about all the benefits we could have having Community Gardening. Is this a reality? Would we still have grocery stores to score your favorite sweet tooth treat? Would the Community Garden Plan grow into it’s own Market Place with home cooked brownies, cookies & candy? How or would it be regulated or health inspected? 


Where we rest our head at night has stood for a place to share memories & a place for security. Pioneers from the beginning have utilized their  land (not really theirs) to plant veggies & fruits sustaining a healthy life & growing their own produce.


Planting your own garden may seem foreign to recent generations because that is what the grocery store is for right? The rise of commercial genetic modified foods since 1996 and the decline in health within countries that support GMO, people have revaluate plans to grow ORGANIC gardens .

The reason for GMO?

The biggest reason coming from BIG AG is the increased population growing in billions every decade. Also the limited space to grow crops. In addition, instability in weather has strained farmers and crops.


The solution?

I always believed we should start a community of veggies + fruit trade. If every community assigned what crops could be grown natively & via green houses we would never need to buy food again (unless you wanted to) This would empower people to not be dependent

We could also trade with other communities that grow different varieties of food. Imagine a network much like today but on a local level.

If everyone grew their own food you could trade with neighbors, close residents & even start start systems that trade abroad.

For example: California could trade oranges for Nebraska corn. Of course their would still be Super Markets that offer professional packaged goods. This is just a progressive addition to our declining food trade.

Genetically modified Canola spreads into the wild


Agencies and regulations like FDA have kept a high standard of what we consume & pondering companies from exploiting unhealthy ways to make money. However, the more we read we continually find out the horrible stories of GMO & other negative effects regulated food has done to us.


If we started a system based on trust & bartering who could regulate it? If I wanted to trade apples for oranges to my neighbor, are they to stop me? If I wanted to pass gas do I need permission?


I believe a small fundamental grass roots movement would be highly effective and empower the people. We are told not to trust your neighbor, and yes people these days can be crazy. But what is the other option? To eat this garbage and pass this cowardice to our kids?

Whos First To The Punch

Community Agriculture Network (CAN) has stepped up to the plate.


In the near future, organic foods will only be for the very wealthy as the price gap between the 2 are increasing.