5 Reasons Earthships Are The Future

Of course with any progress or change there is bounce back. With Earthships some States & Cities cannot grasp the idea of people building their own livable homes with plumbing, electricity & energy. However, the time has come. Whether it be the increase of knowledge or like Steve Jobs said “When in desperate times the best ideas arise”. So while cities are catching up with city-codes to permit people across the world are taking the steps to live in freedom & happiness, Their way. So we have listed the 5 Reasons Earthships Are The Future

1. Grow your own organic food
Inside each of the Earthships are gardens for eating & pleasure. These Earthships are fully equipped with 2 greenhouses that can grow veggies, fruits & flowers year-around. Some are even converting them into aquaponic gardens which lets you harvest talapia. If you love chicken you can easily add a chicken coop


2. Cheap energy

With solar panels & wind turbines you are practically living off the grid. Solar panels will even provide you with heated water. Of course you will have to be conscious of energy but we are being open minded here, right? The most bad ass part about the green house is its pretty much the same temperature as the Earthship. Meaning that the Earthship is designed to adapt to any climate and stay at a steady 70 degrees. The dirt tires become thermal mass & allows solar panels to absorb energy.

Rock Work and Doorway
Rock Work and Doorway

3. Sustainable water system.

One of the coolest and practical systems every house should have. The frame of the Earthships are meant to collect water and funnel them into green house which naturally filters out the water & distributes it to the sinks and showers. The used ‘recycled water’ from the sinks and showers is then pumped into the greenhouse to water the plants. At this point water is cleaned by the plants and it’s ready for use again– that’s why it’s pumped back to the bathrooms for the toilets. After that the water from the toilet is pumped to the outdoor garden to give nutrients to non-edible plants.

4 No bills = freedom.
Having all those basic necessities for free brings us to the next huge advantage– you’ve freed yourself from the modern form of slavery! You no longer need to work in order to survive– no more wasted valuable time! You can fully concentrate on the things you love doing and on improving yourself and the world around you. The only responsibility you’ll have will be to take care of your greenhouse and Earthship, which is totally worth it! Imagine the world we’d live in if everyone had that much free time to do the things they truly love to do instead of working jobs they don’t even like!


5 Build your own one!
Maybe before Earthships were known as barbaric but with todays models they are modern & cost-saving. Utilities are always rising & why when technology is allowing us to get power from the Earth. Earthships can be built even by the most amateur builder. Take it from a married couple, that built a huge 3-story Earthship by themselves & only took them 3 months. They both had no prior experience in construction and managed to build their green home using only printed schematics. No workers were hired nor were the costs for equipment high. If a couple in their forties can do it– anyone can, too. They look bad ass! If you ask me if you were to land in a spaceship on a highly superior civilization you would see them living with the land such as Earthships.