As a struggling vegetarian that grew up eating meat this news obviously has pushed me even more towards a plant based diet. Many of our ancestors evolved and survived eating both meat & plants. However, they did not require the thousands of acres of farming & upkeep it requires for the commercial sale of meat. In fact, they were just hunter & gatherers and more or less lived in harmony with the way of the buffalo. The impact fertilizers and maintaining cattle on the earth is tough. In fact, I was alarmed to find out many of the forest that are being destroyed are not due to the  paper market but room for cattle farms.

With the announcement of Californias Water Crisis it has called many to ask, “Where is the water going?” Well much research has come to the surface & the conclusion is clear. Although agriculture is taking up  much of the water, meat is the biggest culprit. Animal production is at a 53% of all water used for food consumption. You may feel like the biggest issue is the huge corporations that serve meat & how this machine works like clockwork. However, they force us to live by money which means we can also speak with how money is used. Many corporations are changing their ways or closing down.

Please spread this news because sooner or later we will all have to question our diets if we are to help the environment together.

Below are some visual charts that will help identify our consumption of water. It is a pivotal time in the world. It seems more and more issues are rising and calling us to find resolutions and reforming the way we live. What choice will we make?

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